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It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since Mike Paradinas‘s last outing under his long-running µ-Ziq moniker. Chewed Corners is the electronica pioneer and Planet Mu boss’s eighth album and promises a shift in style from the gargling, aggressive electronics of its predecessor Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique.

Billed as “a suite of fourteen retro-futurist tracks, created with a lush, analogue sounding palette,”, it certainly appears to be a far cry from Paradinas’s earlier productions, but when put into context with his recent collaboration with wife Lara Rix-Martin it begins to make sense. The record follows the already announced XTEP 12″, and is due to drop via Planet Mu on June 25. [via Resident Advisor]

FACT interviewed Paradinas and Rix-Martin on their collaboration, influences and the past, present and future of Planet Mu, you can read it here.


01 Taikon
02 Christ Dust
03 Wipe
04 Monyth
05 Twangle Melkas
06 Melting Bas
07 Houzz 10
08 Feeble Minded
09 Hug
10 Mountain Island Boner
11 Tickly Flanks
12 Smooch
13 Gunnar
14 Weakling Paradinas



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