Prince reportedly looking into venues for a series of intimate UK shows

Earlier this year, Prince played a small show at Austin’s SXSW festival, and according to reports, the purple one is set to follow that with a series of intimate UK gigs.

This Summer, Prince will embark on a seven-week US tour (June 15 to August 5), and according to a source of The Sun‘s (so yes, take it how you will), he’s “asked his promoters to look for small [UK] clubs he can gig in” when that tour is over.

“Prince has gone back to basics this year, playing in front of 300 people at the SXSW festival in Texas”, the source continued. “He’s now on a US tour of small club shows and wants to do something similar in the UK later in the year. It’s still to be decided if he’ll stay at one small venue and play 20 or more gigs or split his time between a few places around the country. Prince has asked his team to find unusual venues his fans wouldn’t expect him to play.”

Prince has been busier than usual in the last twelve months, releasing several songs and serving the usual cease and desist orders to everybody from Vine to tribute sites. There’s also, reportedly, a new album on the way.



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