The talented Mr. Ellison has offered more updates on his current projects.

Speaking to Village Voice, the producer offered some timely updates on V, his forthcoming full-length as rapper/perv Captain Murphy. According to Ellison, the instrumentals are all “done”:

All the production is done for it and now I just have to sit and write it once I get in that zone again. That’s a funny one because when it comes to words, it’s very difficult for me to write songs. I can’t just sit and do it. Something has to happen first, then I can do it.

The producer also revealed that the first single from the forthcoming record will be called ‘Hoodie’ – a joint inspired by when he “woke up with my hoodie on”. The track is “about waking up, feeling sinister, and hiding out in the shadows just for the fuck of it”. As reported, Madlib and Hudson Mohawke have also had a hand in forthcoming Captain Murphy material.

Ellison also offered up more information on that rumoured “jazz album”, confirming earlier reports that Herbie Hancock would feature on the record: “It’s a project with Thundercat, Herbie Hancock, and a lot of musicians actually. It’s not a consistent band. It’s a bunch of different drummers, a bunch of different piano players, horn players, a crazy super group.” The shifting ensemble have “about five songs done”, and Ellison promises something “unique” (“I don’t want anyone to fucking steal my idea before I do it. But I will say nobody’s done it. The way I’m going to pull this shit out? No one’s ever done it before.”)

The full interview also sees Ellison talk about Joey Bada$$’ new album (“I really hope I get a song on there”) and being encouraged by Earl Sweatshirt (“He was the first person outside of my immediate circle that I played [‘The Ritual’] for, and he was tripping”).

Ellison recently scored a short by collaborator Kahlil Joseph, and contributed to the soundtrack for a new independent film, the Jay-Z produced An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty. He also recently dropped the ‘S.D.S’ instrumental sans Mac Miller. Our 2012 list of the definitive Flying Lotus remixes is here.



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