Deep house producer/sound artist/multimedia practitioner/lecturer Terre Thaemlitz – aka DJ Sprinkles – has announced his second full-length release of 2013.

The Comatonse boss has almost two decades of sometimes danceable, sometimes provocative releases under his belt: to offer a hasty primer, the last half-decade has seen Thaemlitz put out a deep house classic (Midtown 120 Blues), a 30-hour “mp3 album” (Soulnessless) and an Arthur Scargill-sampling disc with snd’s Mark Fell (Complete Spiral). Thaemlitz’s most recent transmission was Where Dancefloors Stand Still, a mix album conceived as a protest against Japan’s restrictive ‘fukozu’ curfew laws. His next venture? An album of remixes, courtesy of Mule Musiq.

Queerification And Ruins compiles a selection of Thaemlitz’s recent remix work, produced between 2006 and 2013. Thaemlitz’s subjects include woozy Real Estate offshoot Ducktails, Leftroom boss Matt Tolfrey, Berlin-based Acid House practitioner June and Japanese producer Kuniyuki. Of the 14 tracks on the disc, four are previously unreleased, whereas the remainder have cropped up on labels ranging from Simple Recordings to Ojo De Apolo. The CD edition will also feature additional exclusive remixes of Chicago producer Area and French DJ Hardrock Striker.

Queerification And Ruins is due on Mule Musiq on June 24.

Disc 1
1 june: lost area (dj sprinkles’ empty dancefloor, orig. ver.)
2 june: lost area (dj sprinkles’ lost dancefloor, orig. ver.)
3 hard ton: food of love (sprinkles’ dubberama)
4 marco bernardi: klinsfrar melode (sprinkles’ deeperama)
5 hardrock striker: motorik life (dj sprinkles’ mountain of despair)
6 corbie: arktika (sprinkles’ deeperama)
7 oh, yoko: seashore (sprinkles’ ambient ballroom)
Disc 2
1 parallax beat brothers: exhalation (dj sprinkles’ deep breath mix)
2 matt tolfrey: encarta (sprinkles’ micro soft dub)
3 kuniyuki: between shadow and lights (sprinkles’ lights out dub)
4 ducktails: letter of intent (sprinkles’ post script)
5 adultnapper: low point on high ground (rock bottom mix)
6 area: bourbon skies (st. petersburg three-four blues)
7 jorge c.: a little beat (the world is ova megamix)



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