Premiere: Ewan Pearson gives a house rinse to Bachar Mar-Khalifé's 'Machins Choses'

The English veteran takes on a collaboration between French-based Bachar Mar-Khalifé and Virginia artist Kid A.

French-based Bachar Mar-Khalifé has covered Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Machins Choses’ (with the un-Googleable Kid A) for his excellently-titled Who’s Gonna Get The Ball From Behind The Wall Of The Garden Today? LP, due out this May on French label Infiné.

While the original is sparse and acoustic, one-time FACT mixer Ewan Pearson infuses his remix with an Italo-disco, Drive vibe that maintaining the sense of melancholy. Stream it below; the ‘Machins Choses’ remix EP also features versions by Camera and Almeeva.



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