The popocalypse is upon us.

We have to admit we were just as surprised as everyone else to see pop prankster Robbie Williams teaming up with grime idol Dizzee Rascal, but then given Dizzee’s penchant for pop crossovers it’s hardly that surprising. After the befuddling set of photos that found both stars dressed like extras in Quadrophenia, we’ve now got the whole video and to be quite honest it’s just as bonkers as you’d expect.

Robbie gets the job of playing the mod, and is seen sporting a jacket emblazoned with a hand painted dedication to the sorely missed file-sharing mecca MegaUpload. Dizzee somewhat fittingly gets to play the rocker, and gets to drive probably the most awesome car we’ve seen in ages with 3ft spikes protruding from every surface – Judas Priest eat your heart out.

‘Goin’ Crazy’ drops on June 17, you have been warned.



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