Update: As rumored, Random Access Memories is streaming a week early on iTunes. Head to Daft Punk’s artist page (not the album’s page) on iTunes to stream it now. Thanks to CoS for the tip.

We get an early look at the lavish gatefold LP.

So Random Access Memories is only moments away, and the two confounding producers have today revealed a video that shows a little more of what we’re supposed to expect.

We get a brief look at the packaging of the duo’s fancy-looking gatefold double LP, and an even briefer snippet of brand new track ‘Give Life Back to Music’.

The latest rumour is that we will be able to stream the album in full on iTunes from midnight tonight, but given that Daft Punk’s PR will neither confirm nor deny that statement, we’ll leave it up to you to make of it what you will. [via Consequence of Sound]



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