Designer of Ministry of Sound logo puts £175,000 worth of ecstasy on display in London gallery

Artist Chemical X unveils “The Ecstasy of Art” showcase at Art Republic Soho.

The mysterious artist, who designed the iconic Ministry of Sound logo over 20 years ago, will exhibit two pieces of artwork — made up of over 12,000 multi-coloured ecstasy tablets — at the Art Republic Gallery in London.

“Chemical X is not trying to challenge authority with his art, he challenges the perception that people have of social drug taking through the press propaganda that shapes the public’s attitude,” says Marc Woodhouse, a spokesman for the artist. “These need to be viewed as works of art as they stop being drugs from the point at which that are permanently sealed into the pieces.”

‘Love & Death’ is a six-foot high skull-and-crossbones with an asking price of £100,000, while ‘Taste The Rainbow’ is a multi-colored, Skittles-referencing piece priced at £75,000. Along with the large pieces, Chemical X will be selling limited edition prints of other (Second) Summer of Love icons, such as Shaun Ryder and Bez of the Happy Mondays.

The exhibition opens with a private viewing this Thursday at ArtRepublic Soho, 42 New Compton Street, London WC2H 8DA and runs for a week.



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