Girls we do adore.

Scratcha‘s DVA Music label picked up 19-year-old Londoner Joss Ryan for last year’s Melancholy Dreams 12″, and it looks like he’s back for round two with the tough, soulful ‘Girls’.

Chopped from the forthcoming Blaze Blu EP, ‘Girls’ manages to weld together the lightest of US trap backdrops with an almost James Blake-esque sense of melodics in the woozy, dreamy electric piano. It’s a risky fusion but it works wonders, coming across as smart but still dangerously heavy, and if the rumours are true and Ryan is working with a handful of vocalists, consider us eager.

There aren’t many producers who manage to retain an unmistakable London griminess to their tunes when experimenting with harmonies and soul, but from this evidence it seems like Ryan can handle it effortlessly.



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