Talking Heads: Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock and Nadia Dajani rip into Sting, accuse James Murphy of breaking Ad's fridge

Today in Talking Heads, a pair of exchanges from Vulture‘s red carpet chat with Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock and actress Nadia Dajani. First on Sting’s famed love of Tantric sex:

ND: [Sex] for fourteen hours? I will set you on fire. Like, you gotta have time for breaks for snacks, YouTubing, some e-mailing. But then you’re going to talk to the world about how you have sex for fourteen hours? I’ll punch you in the face.
AR: Hey, mazel tov.
ND: I mean, if you can get it.

And then, after Ad-Rock spots James Murphy:

AR: There’s James Murphy. He owes me $150 … Well, he stayed at my apartment a long time ago and broke the refrigerator and didn’t get it fixed. I had to fix it. I don’t know [he he broke it]! It was just broken. He stayed at my place, and I moved back in and the refrigerator didn’t work. I was like, “Dude, what’s up with the refrigerator?” He was like, “Oh yeah!” What kinda shit is that?

Turns out tenants and fridge beef isn’t just a problem for us commoners after all.



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