For all the grumbling about Random Access Memories not being up to scratch, all but the hard-hearted seem to agree on one thing: ‘Giorgio By Moroder’ is an absolute banger. 

Daft Punk’s kooky chunk of musico-biography is an infectious tribute to Moroder’s acheivements and charms, and should hopefully bring his story to the attention of a new generation of listeners. Capitalising on Moroder’s current cachet, Google Chrome have recruited the Italian synth legend to soundtrack a new mobile game, Racer. Designed for tablets and smart phones as part of their Google Chrome Experiments series, the game allows users to race cars on a track spread across multiple tablet screens. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is Moroder to a T, setting Gothic synth trills over a motorik pulse and tossing in a New Age breakdown to boot.

Update: As well as this, in a new interview with Time Out Moroder reveals that he’s taken up DJing – he even has a booking agent for it – and is collaborating with big room poster boy Avicii.

Head here to play the game. If you want to scrub up on the synth pioneer, make some time for our recent The Essential…Giorgio Moroder primer, courtesy of Mr. Beatnick.



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