Zebra fucking Katz.

Zebra Katz‘s spacious, doom-laden take on rap has made the NYC performance artist one of the most crucial and unusual rappers in the last couple of years, and he follows up the surprise breakout success of ‘Ima Read’ last year with this brand new mixtape. Entitled DRKLNG, the tape should instantly appeal to fans of ‘Ima Read’ with its molasses-slow bass-heavy beats and deliciously creepy synthesizer sounds, and stands an apt calling card for his bizarre sound.

The most unusual moment has to be ‘Ima Lead’, a version of Katz’s signature track featuring none other than mostly-insane rapper Busta Rhymes on the vocals. We don’t know about you lot but we reckon that’s grounds to check out the mixtape on its own.

Busta Rhymes isn’t the first unexpected artist to jump on ‘Ima Read’, Bristolian innovator Tricky lent his vocals to a remix of the track last year, and was happy to chat about the experience in FACT’s recent interview, you can check it out here.



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