Study: 60% of young people priced out of festivals; average festival costs £420

UK festivals are getting older — both on- and off-stage — and more expensive.

Research conducted by MSN for Gigwise, using a sample of 2,000 people in the UK, found the average age of festival-goers is now 36. That’s only exceeded by the average age of the headliners, with the 10 most anticipated headliners averaging a midlife-friendly 39 years and eight months.

The average age increase is due to 18-24 year olds passing on summer festivals due to lack of funds. The average festival goers now expect to spend £423.01 for an outdoor concert experience, and only 1 in 10 Brits are okay with the price increase, with some saying they’d spend up to £800 at a festival. A summary of the research is below.

Average age of festival goers:
1) T In The Park – 37 years seven months
2) Glastonbury – 36 years eight months
3) Isle of Wight – 36 years one month
4) Reading and Leeds – 35 years eight months

Breakdown of what festival goers expect to pay for a UK festival – £423.01:
£103.66 on a ticket
£80.02 on food and drink
£71.61 on camping gear
£60.70 on transport
£49.67 on wet weather gear
£57.35 on festival fashion and dress-up

Favourite large festivals:
1) Glastonbury
2) V Festival
3) Reading
4) T in the Park
5) Leeds



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