Vakula announces new full-length, <em>Selected Works 2009-2012</em>

Commendably operose deep house producer Mikhaylo Vityk has announced his first full-length as Vakula.

The Ukranian’s been a name to drop since the turn of the decade, putting out US-facing deep house with an off-key twist. Over many, many 12″s, he’s synthesised some good influences – the stewed sounds of Kenny Dixon Jr.; Levon Vincent’s pranging 4×4; Move D’s comfort house – into a gratifying whole. 12″s have come thick and fast since 2008, with Vityk gracing the books of Dekmantel, Best Works and Nuearth Kitchen, amongst others. He’s also put out a number of full-lengths under assumed names: last year’s The 13th District arrived under the V alias, and he also found time for an eponymous LP as Vedomir.

Vakula’s new album, first mooted back in early 2012, now has a release date  You’ve Never Been To Konotop-Selected Works 2009-2012 will arrive courtesy of long-time Vakula supporters Firecracker Recordings, responsible for recent releases from Lord Of The Isles and Fudge Fingas. The album, named after Vityk’s hometown, features twelve unreleased tracks recorded over the last four years, and will be Vityk’s first album under his most famous nom de plume. The label promise an eclectic and densely woven release: expect “elements of Ukrainian folk melodies, esoteric cryptic rhythm patterns, field recordings, interludes and overgrown organic effects.”

You’ve Never Been To Konotop-Selected Works 2009-2012 is due in June.

A1 Jazz Mutants
A2 New Romantic
B1 We Have Soul
B2 Mama Said Go Slow (Album Dub)
C1 Sleepy Vision
C2 Hope Soon To Be There
D1 In My Head
D2 Was
E1 Exp Techno
E2 For Juju & Jordash
F1 You’ve Never Been To Konotop
F2 Still Time (Album Dub)

Vakula will be playing FACT’s stage at this year’s Dekmantel Festival, with Levon Vincent, Ron Trent, Morphosis, Optimo, Midland and many more. For more on Dekmantel, head here.



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