Channel your Pretty Young Thug on this new collection of Lil B-themed garb. 

The Fader have snouted out fashion student Isabel Simpson-Kirsch, currently studying at NY design school Parsons. As part of her thesis, Simpson-Kirsch has used Lil B as the main design motif in a new fashion line. The title? ‘Based’, of course.

The portfolio includes everything from boxer shorts to platform shows to full-length dresses. According to Simpson-Kirsch, Lil B has been a crucial point of inspiration throughout her scholarly endeavours:

“Junior year at Parsons is so hard– that’s when everybody drops out. Lil B helped me through it. Being Based and positive got me through it. And this summer, I was like, the only way I can come back and do this thesis is if it really comes from my heart.”

This being a uni project, there doesn’t appear to be any plan for a commercial release as yet (although we’re sure Ms. Simpson-Kirsch has probably had more than a few offers). Selected highlights from the range are below.



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