BBC promise "first truly digital Glastonbury"

Watch Jagger haphazardly strut about the place from the comfort of your sofa, thanks to Auntie.  

The BBC have been making noises about stepping up their coverage of this year’s Glastonbury Festival considerably, previously promising a full online livestream of all performances on each of the major stages. Full details have now emerged about the BBC’s “first truly digital Glastonbury”, and it shows the corporation taking festival coverage in the UK to a new level.

Taking its cue from last year’s acclaimed Olympics coverage, the BBC will broadcast material from the festival over four TV channels, four radio stations and a number of digital services. BBC Three will air coverage from 7pm every night, with BBC Two presenting headline sets and BBC One also providing supplementary coverage. BBC Four, meanwhile, will feature sets from some of the more vintage acts (stand up, Seasick Steve and Bobby Womack) interspersed with archival footage.

Red-button facilities will be souped up this year, and a roaming camera will also offer vicarious access to the backstage areas. Radio 1, 6Music and 1Xtra will all broadcast from the event, and Radio 2 will cover the festival for the first time.

The collective coverage will run to 250 hours, and will feature in excess of 120 performances. Glastonbury takes place from June 26-30; Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, and Mumford & Sons will headline. [via MusicWeek]



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