MellowHype man Hodgy Beats follows up the twinkling ‘Years’ with his new EP. 

2012’s Untitled was an excellent set, featuring a pair of corking beats from Flying Lotus and a spirited performance from the OFWGKTA rapper. As outlined in our highly favourable review, it was a fine showcase for Hodgy’s smart, dextrous flow, and suggested the Cali rapper has a promising life away from Left Brain’s grinding beats.

The sequel to Untitled, now available to stream, sees Flying Lotus return to the fray once again. The Alchemist and Theolonious Martin are among the other beatmakers-for-hire on the record. On five out of the seven tracks here, Hodgy continutes to turn out the same highly effective strand of sun-dazzled head-nod. For some reason, two risible nu-metal tracks have also snuck onto the tracklist, but with a finger on the skip button, Untitled 2 is thoroughly deserving of your time.

Click below to stream. Untitled 2 arrives hot on the heels of Jellyfish Mentality, the latest mixtape from OFWGKTA psychonauts Jet Age Of Tomorrow. [via Complex]



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