From dust to digital.

Teeside label Opal Tapes have gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years, and while they started as a no frills cassette label they’ve moved into vinyl with the recent reissue of Wanda Group’s crushing Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight. High time then for a compilation, but just because they do things differently, this particular compilation is being released in chunks over the course of several days.

Entitled Free Stones, we’ve already been gifted five tracks: ‘No Lotion’ from label boss Stephen Bishop (under his Basic House moniker), ‘Antiprism’ from Charlatan (aka Digitalis Records boss Brad Rose), ‘Accidents & Old Lace’ from PMM, ‘A Mantra for 2013’ from Ondness and DJ Ford Foster’s ‘Corridor’.

It’s typically faded stuff, moving from the overt crushed house flavours of Basic House and DJ Ford Foster’s technoid ‘Corridor’ to the gurgling electro of Charlatan and Ondness’s submerged ambience. The compilation is ongoing but it’s already looking like it’ll be essential listening.



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