Drum'n'bass veteran DJ Fresh and Julien Castet help disabled music fans make tracks "using only their minds"

Drum’n’bass veteran DJ Fresh, who recently enjoyed chart success with his dubstep single ‘Louder’, has helped launch an interesting project to help disabled music fans make music “using only their minds”. 

Yes, there’s sponsorship here – it’s called Smirnoff Mindtunes, after all – but it’s a noble-seeming cause which also aims to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People. The brains behind it are those of PhD. Julien Castet, a brainwave technology expert, who teamed up with Fresh to find out how brainwave technology can be used to “transform brain activity and emotions into music, enabling physical barriers to musical creativity to be broken down.

Castet “uses an ElectroEncephaloGraphy device (EEG) to measure the electrical activity of the brain, turning brainwaves and emotions into musical beats”, a press release explains. Here’s where Fresh comes in, arranging these beats into a whole track.

“Ever since I was a little boy I’ve loved technology and always wanted to work with something cutting edge. What a privilege to be given the opportunity to do just that and collaborate with some truly inspirational people. The power of the brain and this brainwave technology is amazing – to think that Mindtunes was created solely by a group of physically disabled music fans using only their minds. I am very proud to be part of this project – it just goes to show what people have the power to create if they’re given the opportunity,” says Fresh of the opportunity.

You can watch a documentary on the making of the track, and the finished video, below. ‘Mindtunes’ is available to buy on Amazon, iTunes and more.



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