This weekend saw two more Yeezus tracks come into the world – and they’re certified bruisers.

Kanye topped the bill at New York’s Governors Ball Music Festival, and used the set to drop two new tracks: the acid-inflected ‘On Site’, and the previously trailed ‘I Am A God’. At present, the tracks are only available in Youtube fragments or Vine snippets, but footage of both is available to stream below. In keeping with the recently previewed ‘New Slaves’ and ‘Black Skinhead’, both tracks are rough, serrated and aggressive, and point towards Yeezy’s scuzziest album to date.

As reported, Yeezus will feature contributions from Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke, Skrillex, and Chief Keef (although the latter can’t remember which song he’s on). Yeezus, lo-fi artwork and all, is due on June 18.

Update: The New York Post reports that Kanye continued to work on Yeezus as late as last week, bringing in Rick Rubin to executive produce the album and spending the week trying to secure clearance for a sampled vocal on the song ‘Onsite’.

According to reports, Kanye sampled an old vocal track from a Chicago church youth choir, but Def Jam lawyers were having difficulty tracking down the choir director and members of the Holy Name of Mary Church choir; producers re-recorded the vocals with a different choir just in case the rights couldn’t be secured in time. A music industry source says that “Even by Kanye West standards, this is pushing it.”

Update 2: In Touch (via Pitchfork) reports that Kanye filmed what he hopes will become a viral video hit at Brooklyn Fireproof soundstages over the weekend.

“Kanye spent the weekend shooting an American Psycho-inspired video in Brooklyn with Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban,” says an insider. “Jonathan actually gets killed in the end.” Disick and Cheban are both reality TV personalities with connections to the Kardashians. Interestingly, Black American Psycho was one of the rumored — but debunked — titles for Kanye’s new album.

Update 3: It looks like Kanye’s vocalled TNGHT’s ‘R U Ready’ – you can watch the results here.

Update 4: A playback for friends and celebrity fans at New York’s Milk Studios last night revealed that Yeezus contains just 10 tracks, The Fader reports. One of them, ‘Hold My Liquor’, features the chalk-and-cheese pairing of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and drill star Chief Keef – so that’ll be the song Keef couldn’t recall the title of previously. Another of the scarce guest rap appearances comes from Chicago’s King Louie, on a song called ‘Send It Up’.



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