Talking Heads: "Anyone who doesn't have ringing in their ears can fuck right off" - Liam Gallagher on his tinnitus

“Without a doubt I have tinnitus. You’re not a proper rock’n’roll star if you don’t.” 

“I learned to live with it a long time ago. I put up with it – I just talk really loudly over it. I’m proud of it. Anyone who doesn’t have ringing in their ears can fuck right off.”

Liam Gallagher speaking to The Sun about his tinnitus. Similarly priceless is his reaction to his brother Noel – who has publicly talked about his tinnitus in the past – going to a doctor for a proper diagnosis: “Each to his own I suppose. He’s got fuck all else to do, hasn’t he?” [via NME]

Last year, following Larry Heard’s retirement from DJing as a result of ear damage, we examined the role of hearing loss and tinnitus in contemporary club culture. Gallagher’s Beady Eye release their Dave Sitek-produced second album Be next week.



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