J Dilla's <em>Yancey Boys Instrumentals</em> gets vinyl repress

Classic 1990s Dilla – lost, found, and now reissued on vinyl.

Back in 2008, J Dilla’s rapper brother Illa J dusted off a stash of previously unreleased Jay Dee instrumentals dating back to the mid-1990s. The resulting record, Yancey Boys, saw the surviving brother test out his unassuming flow over some vintage Dilla snap. Delicious Vinyl followed through the same year with Yancey Boys Instrumentals, which let those lovely Dilla jams unfurl on their own terms.

If you’re a Dilla completist who missed the original release, you’re in luck: Delicious Vinyl have given Yancey Boys Instrumentals its first vinyl repress in half a decade. No bonus tracks or tasty extras – just another welcome outing on wax for irresistible beat fare like ‘We Here’ and ‘Sounds Like Love’, both included below.

The reissue follows Mahogani collection Lost Tapes, and pre-empts (apparently AWOL) Dilla vocal album The Diary. For those of you looking to add some Dilla swing to your own productions, Logic Café recently issued a software pack of Dilla-style quantizes for Logic Pro. Yancey Boys Instrumentals is out now.

1. Timeless,
2. We Here
3. R U Listenin’?
4. Alien Family
5. Strugglin,
6. Swagger
7. Showtime
8. Mr. Shakes
10.  All Good
11. Sounds Like Love
12. Everytime
13. Illasoul
14. Airsigns



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