DIY eccentric R. Stevie Moore will get the reissue treatment this year with a clutch of vinyl and a compilation of rarities from two different labels.

Following last year’s fantastic Lo-Fi High Fives primer on the O Genesis label – a compilation of greatest hits that never were – Personal Appeal will make available 15 hard-to-find tracks originally released on Moore’s cassette label between 1973 and 2001.

Released on 5 August on Care in the Community, the tracks touch on surf rock, freak folk, bluegrass, country and rock and roll, with superb titles like ‘Why Can’t I Write A Hit?’ and ‘Pretend For A Second That You Are Very Intelligent’.

In the meantime, the Personal Injury label has re-issued a bunch of Moore’s albums on vinyl: Phonography (1976), Delicate Tension (1978), CLACK! (1979), Glad Music (1986), and a new double LP compilation, Hearing Aid. Take a closer look here.

For an excellent introduction to the world of the lo-fi savant, watch a full-length documentary about R. Stevie Moore called I Am a Genius (And There’s Nothing I Can Do About It).



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