Last week, we featured a recently unearthed Madlib interview from the tail-end of 2012, which saw the singer discuss, amongst other things, DOOM’s slow progress on Madvillainy 2 and a glut of new Madlib projects.

With excellent Quasimoto odds’n’sods collection Yessir Whatever just out, Rolling Stone have had a rare chat with the producer, who offers a more timely check-up on his activities.

In the interview, the Loop Digga gives a status update on the progress of the new Madvillain album – and the news isn’t good, we’re afraid:

“I handed all the beats to DOOM years ago, but ever since he’s been in Europe, he’s been hard to get a hold of. I feel it probably won’t happen, but you never know. I can’t sit and wait on that. I did my part.”

During the comprehensive Q&A, Madlib also reveals that an album of brand new Quasimoto material is in the works, but won’t be appearing any time soon:

“Yes, but I still haven’t finished. It takes time. It has to be on a different level. The shrooms were the stuff that made me do Quasimoto in the first place. Hopefully, I get back on that level where I can finish it.”

The producer also goes in-depth about his label Madlib Invazion (“I’m going to release records from Kan Kick [and] a couple of singing artists”), Freddie Gibbs collaboration MadGibbs (“It’s done. It sounds good. Gibbs killed his parts. So did Earl Sweatshirt and Danny Brown on the guest verses”), and various upcoming projects for Stones Throw, including a previously mooted jazz album and an “electronic record in the vein of Cluster”.

FACT recently profiled The Essential…MF DOOM, which plots the 10 most vital tracks in the rapper’s sprawling canon.



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