Never say never.

Daniel Lopatin‘s influential strain of faded electronic music has served as a cornerstone in the last few years, so it’s hardly surprising that the prolific American has made the move to Warp Records, a label that puts him alongside Autechre, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. This move comes with brand new album R Plus Seven, which is billed by the label as being somewhat more structured than his previous experimental efforts, Warp say “the music itself comes as close as Lopatin has ever gotten to anything resembling traditional song structure” which certainly has our interest piqued.

R Plus Seven‘s predecessor Replica was Lopatin’s most developed (and for many most rewarding) record so far, and was proof that the producer had no intention of languishing in the dreamy Tangerine Dream worship of his formative releases. What exactly this might mean for the new record is unclear, but one thing’s certain – we can’t wait to find out.

Update: Lopatin appears to have uploaded a new track over at his site, head to to listen.

R Plus Seven is due for release on September 30 via Warp Records.


01 Boring Angel
02 Americans
03 He She
04 Inside World
05 Zebra
06 Along
07 Problem Areas
08 Cryo
09 Still Life
10 Chrome Country



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