After a wait we thought would never end, the industrial resurrectionists have revealed that their self-titled debut will be out on DFA on 9 September.

We’ve been as patient as we can with this lot, but nearly seven years have passed since Factory Floor first formed, and another three since former Kaito guitarist Nik Colk Void joined the group to complete their current line-up.

Since then, they’ve forged a name for themselves as the torchbearers of Throbbing Gristleinfluenced experimental noise, even teaming up with TG’s Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti for the odd live show and last year’s exceptional record as Carter Tutti Void.

The three-piece revealed details of their debut to Resident Advisor, explaining that they spent two years working on it because “we decided to keep developing live in tandem with recording.”

Earlier this year the band put out a stunning 12″ in collaboration with post-punk composer and saxophonist Peter Gordon.



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