Missed Imperial Distortion‘s scarce vinyl run in 2001? Don’t panic.

Kevin Drumm‘s outstanding Imperial Distortion is undoubtedly one of the finest experimental tomes to emerge over the last decade. It reframed the then noise-mired Hospital Productions label and was a startling about-turn for Drumm too, who up until this point was known pretty much exclusively for making eardrum-ripping noise in the vein of his pioneering Mego stand-out Sheer Hellish Miasma.

Sadly by the time the album emerged on vinyl after years of delays, much of the subtle tonal variance was lost and the experience was far from optimal, which makes the news of a fresh remaster very appealing indeed. Hospital Productions have had engineer Matt Colton take on the task, and he has managed to finally give the work the care and attention it deserves.

Reissued in a rather meager edition of 200 in a bostin’ looking gatefold sleeve, you’d better be quick if you want to lay your hands on one of these beauties.



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