Echo And The Bunnymen are to look back to their salad days on a reissue of their excellent debut LP.

The Liverpool melancholics have a new album The Garden Of Meedin’ on the boil. First, however, they’re returning to their roots with a deluxe reissue of the their 1980 debut, Crocodiles – a wonderful showcase for Will Sergeant’s impeccable guitarwork, and, in many people’s books, their best studio album.

The album – which, incidentally, got a limited red vinyl reissue on Record Store Day – will be issued as a “hardback book edition” through Weatherbox. The collection will supplement the album with a 10-track bonus LP, featuring X concert EP Shine So Hard, demo versions of Crocodile material, and a clutch of tracks that didn’t make the album (note: all said tracks previously appeared on a 2003 CD edition of the album). The new reissue will also come bundled with a specially designed 16-page booklet.

Crocodiles is due on July 2 on Weatherbox. [via Exclaim]

A1. Going Up
A2. Stars Are Stars
A3. Pride
A4. Monkeys
A5. Crocodiles
B1. Rescue
B2. Villiers Terrace
B3. Pictures on My Wall
B4. All That Jazz
B5. Happy Death Men
C1. Do It Clean
C2. Read It in Books
C3. Simple Stuff
C4. Villiers Terrace (Early Version)
C5. Pride (Early Version)
C6. Simple Stuff (Earlier Version)
D1. Crocodiles (Live)
D2. Zimbo (Live)
D3. All That Jazz (Live)
D4. Over the Wall (Live)



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