Nicolas Jaar remixes Daft Punk's <em>Random Access Memories</em> in its entirely; listen here

Nicolas Jaar‘s ever-adventurous Darkside project has remixed the biggest album of the year

As Darkside, Jaar and regular cohort Dave Harrington normally trade in guitar-led electronica. Trading as Daftside – yes, very good, boys- they’ve now remixed Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories in its entirety. For those who found Daft Punk’s fourth LP a shade schmaltzy, this is the version for you: ‘Contact’ becomes a fireball of feedback, ‘Get Lucky’ is reimagined as a louche hip-hop jam, and ‘Giorgio By Moroder’ becomes something you’d expect Ron Morelli to co-sign. Click below to stream Daftside’s longform re-rub.

Daft Punk are currently prepping their own remixes of Random Access Memories material. The album featured in our rundown of the 20 best albums of the last three months.



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