Listen to David Lynch's country-fried 'Star Dream Girl'

The auteur shares a song from his forthcoming album.

“Modern blues” collection The Big Dream is set for release on July 16; we’ve already heard (and seen the video for) the Lykke Li-featuring bonus track ‘I’m Waiting Here’.

‘Sad Dream Girl’ is a change of pace: a country rocker dedicated to a femme fatale. Lynch explained the thinking behind the song via a press release:

After I moved away from Boise, Idaho, I came back in the summer of ’61. Around that time, Jerry Lee Lewis was supposed to play at this big club in the Sagebrush Desert — I think it was called the Miramar. Back then, these big events would catch people’s imaginations. They would take their motorcycles or hot rods to these remote places to see some star. So we all drove out to this place, but Jerry never showed up and people were really pissed off. ‘Star Dream Girl’ has that same kind of charisma. People can’t wait to see her and come from miles around…The lyrics came to me all at once, but there was no music yet. Then one night, Dean (Hurley) was playing guitar in the studio and I was egging him on when he caught a wave like the surfers out in Hawaii. He was in the tunnel man…and the lyrics married with that ride.

Stream it below. In addition, Lynch was recently tapped to direct the next Nine Inch Nails video. [via Pitchfork]



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