Premiere: Brazilian RBMA grad Pazes releases dreamy <em>Sleeping Dolls</em> EP

The EP is his first for Kompakt-distributed imprint Time No Place.

On Sleeping Dolls, Red Bull Music Academy alumn Lucas “Pazes” Febraro fuses elements of techno, dub, and dream pop across six gorgeously composed tracks that focus on texture, nuance, and white space.

The wispy vocals of Istanbul artist Biblo act as yet another layer of texture, giving the propulsive beats and enveloping low-end a human character. “I was always really trying to match the sort of otherworldliness her voice has,” Febraro says. “I thought it must sound a lot like the voices in Albert Pinkham Ryder’s head must have sounded like.”

This is music for the comedown: ‘Burn Out’ opens the EP with a chilly techno groove; ‘Frozen’ sounds like Chromatics’ ‘Tick of the Clock’ as if performed by Massive Attack; ‘Grace’ surges and pulses, revealing its intricacies on each listen. Stream the entire EP below; it’s out today on Time No Place.



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