Or, Memory Lane (Spitting In The Bronx).

Seasoned DJ Tony Touch has already been doing some promotional heavy-lifting for forthcoming compilation LP Piece Maker 3, posting a slew of archival videos online and circulating an exclusive Eminem joint as an aperitif. He’s now pulled out some little-seen private footage of Nas performing in New York c. 1993 – and it’s a doozy.

The frontage shows a seriously youthful Nas in his home city, rocking The Bronx venue Fever. The video includes footage of Nas running through ‘One Love’, a scintillating ‘NY State Of Mind’, ‘Life’s A Bitch’ (with an AZ appearance) and ‘The World Is Yours’. As Complex point out, Wu-Tang affiliate Shyheim also makes a brief cameo appearance, barely knocking 14 years ld.

Illmatic was, naturally, a (very) high placer in our favourite albums of the 1990s; you can read El-P’s excellent essay on the album here. On a similar note, we’re currently in the midst of counting down our favourite albums of the 1980s. [via Complex]



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