Six albums planned for release on Hyperdub this year, including new LPs by DJ Rashad and Laurel Halo

In a recent interview with The Ransom Note, Kode9 opens up about some of the albums scheduled for release on his Hyperdub label this year.

Both Walton and Ikonika have albums due for the label in the coming months, titled Beyond and Aerotropolis respectively – you can read FACT’s recent catch-up with Ikonika, where she talks a little more about the album, here.

According to Kode9, there are also plans for a new full-length by footwork icon DJ Rashad. It won’t be Rashad’s first album, he’s released both Just a Taste (on Ghettophiles) and Welcome to the Chi (on Lit City) in recent years, but it will be his first for Hyperdub following a pair of EPs for the label this year.

Elsewhere, Laurel Halo will release a full-length follow-up to last year’s Quarantine, Morgan Zarate‘s long-awaited full-length for Hyperdub is promised (a fantastic new track by him, ‘Pusher Taker’ was debuted on Kode9’s recent mix CD for Rinse), and there are plans for an album by Jessy Lanza, the singer from Ikonika’s recent single ‘Beach Mode’.

Of course, there are little details on the records at this point and things do change (or, more likely, get delayed) but still: looks like a promising year ahead.

Update: That all said, it looks like plans may have changed.



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