Twat Beat?

It seems that Marilyn Manson is eager to wrench himself from the cyber-goth hole he’s been languishing in recently – just weeks after confirming a collaboration with Atlanta rap Godfather Gucci Mane, here he is popping up on the brand new single from notoriously eccentric French knob twiddler Mr. Oizo.

Culled from Oizo’s forthcoming Amicalement EP ‘Solid’ is a typically squelchy analogue monster, but graced with Mr. Manson’s continuous harp of “You look like shit when you dance” it ends up sounding far gloomier than it probably should. We hate to say it, but it sort of works, and who knows maybe that Gucci collaboration will be awesome too? And maybe Santa’s real after all.

Amicalement will drop on July 1 via Mr. Oizo’s website. [via Rolling Stone]



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