Check out the brilliant poster campaign for Black Sabbath's latest album <i>13</i>

Black Sabbath‘s latest album, 13, hasn’t just spawned the UK metal legends’ first number one in 43 years, but a seriously impressive poster campaign. 

In keeping with the idea of 13 as a return to the band’s glory days, the posters for the album appeared to burst out from years of posters, an effect created by glueing together layers of old posters and carving out holes for 13 to emerge from.

Speaking to Creative Review, Morten Ingermann of McCann Copenhagen, the agency responsible, claimed that “For some time we had been fascinated by the almost endless layers of posters that cover our city walls. What if we dug our way through them. Imagine what we could find?”

You can check out more pictures of the smart, simple campaign below, also via Creative Review.




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