Donato Dozzy got kinda obsessed with this Bee Mask track.

The Italian technohead, who released the shape-shifting Voices From The Lake LP last year, now plans to release all seven versions of the abstract Philadelphia producer’s ‘Vaporware’, a track that came out last year on Room40.

According to RA, Bee Mask asked for one remix, but Dozzy “just couldn’t stop”. “[Bee Mask] sent me 3.2 GB of material for just one song — I felt like one remix wouldn’t do justice to his effort and the beauty of the track itself,” he explained.

The ‘Vaporware’ remix collection will be released as a double vinyl and digitally through Spectrum Spools on 2 September.

Stream ‘Vaporware 05’ below, and listen to an excerpt of the original track underneath.


1.1 Vaporware 01
1.2 Vaporware 02
2.1 Vaporware 03
2.2 Vaporware 04
3.1 Vaporware 05
3.2 Vaporware 06
4.1 Vaporware 07



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