FACT’s 100 best albums of the 1980s explored even deeper.

If you’ve been reading FACT this week, you’ll know that to go along with our list of the 100 best albums of the 1980s we have been uploading a twenty track mix each day to allow you to actually hear some of the stuff we’ve been banging on about.

Today’s mix comes from FACT’s Joseph Morpurgo, and he explores the rather awe-inspiring run from 60-41. This means we get to hear Morbid Angel, Sade, Galaxie 500 and Vangelis all in the same place, which simply can’t be a bad thing. If you click on a track below, you can read more info on its respective full-length, and if you want to check the other mixes so far, part one can be found here and part two is here.

01 The Units – ‘High Pressure Days ‘
02 The Soft Boys ‘Insanely Jealous’
03 Mayhem – ‘Silvester Anfang’
04 Just-Ice – ‘Back To The Old School’
05 John Foxx – ‘He’s A Liquid’
06 Blade Runner – ‘Tears In The Rain’
07 Final Cut – ‘Open Your Eyes’
08 Marc And The Mambas -‘ Bulls’
09 My Bloody Valentine – ‘You Made Me Realise’
10 Arabian Prince – ‘I Got A Big Bonus Beat’
11 Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – ‘Road To The Riches’
12 Sonic Youth – ‘(I Got A) Catholic Block’
13 Nocturnal Emissions – ‘Education For Consumption’
14 Morbid Angel – ‘Bleed For The Devil’
15 Prince – ‘Starfish And Coffee’
16 Flaming Tunes – ‘Breast Stroke’
17 Galaxie 500 – ‘Blue Thunder’
18 Suzanne Ciani – ‘The Third Wave: Love In The Waves’
19 Sade – ‘Smooth Operator’
20 Nurse With Wound – ‘Untitled’



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