The Finnish-Swedish duo have made a record that’s half man, half machine.

Mika Vainio, formerly half of experimental techno unit Pan Sonic, first joined forces with fellow sound artist and iDEAL Recordings boss Joachim Nordwall three years ago for a session at Einstürzende Neubauten’s studio in Berlin.

Now they’re releasing the fruits of their labour, Monstrance – a five-track record with an electronic core and a smattering of live instruments, including electric guitar and percussion provided by Vainio and bass, vibraphone, Hammond organ and “metal objects” played by Nordwall. [via RA].

The announcement comes just a couple of months after the release of Vainio’s latest solo record, Kilo, which arrived through Blastfirstpetite in May.

Monstrance will appear on Touch on 2 September.


01 Alloy Ceremony
02 Live At The Chrome Cathedral
03 Midas In Reverse
04 Irkutsk
05 Praseodymium



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