Lil B-inspired fashion line now on sale

Thank you, BasedGod: you can now purchase this previously #rare gear.

Parsons School of Design student Isabel Simpson-Kirsch made headlines earlier this year with her Lil B-emblazoned fashion collection. “Junior year at Parsons is so hard– that’s when everybody drops out. Lil B helped me through it,” she said at the time. “Being Based and positive got me through it. And this summer, I was like, the only way I can come back and do this thesis is if it really comes from my heart.”

While originally designed as part of a school project, part of the line is now seeing commercial release: VFiles is selling a hoodie, gym shorts, and a dress (pictured above). However, the exclusive, handmade-collection is only available for one week: pre-orders must be received before Wednesday, July 17. [via FADER]



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