Lil Kim is back, again.

After this week’s kooky trainwreck ‘WTF‘, we figured that rapper Lil Kim might slide back into the background for a while, but it looks like that isn’t the case at all. It’s her 39th birthday today, and in honour of that she’s finally leaked brand new single ‘Looks Like Money’, a track that was teased two years ago.

Somewhat disappointingly the track isn’t anywhere near as weird as ‘WTF’ (which it has emerged might not even be a legit track), but it does find Kim on more obvious form, bringing to mind her hard edged 90s run. With a chunky bass-heavy beat she doesn’t have any problems spitting about the virtues of money, and to be honest that’s where she seems most comfortable.

You can download the single here, or stream it below.



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