Stream a series of promising new clips by Numbers' Redinho, teasing his forthcoming album

Redinho has been releasing on Glasgow’s Numbers since the start, and it’s no secret that he’s been working towards the label’s first album. 

Following a promising teaser video for ‘Stinger’, dropped earlier this year, Numbers have now uploaded a series of clips of Redinho playing keys and lamenting into his talkbox. Presuming that the material shown here will feature on the album, it’s sounding like a promising release – those chords at 0.33 are total heartbreakers. Speaking to FACT this year, Numbers’ Spencer had the following to say about Redinho’s album:

“We’re really proud of it, it’s been in the pipeline for three years – I must have at least 20 versions of each track on my computer and an EP or two of unused stuff that is great but didn’t quite fit. Looking forward to people hearing it. It sounds like a proper album listen: melodic, quite poppy in parts, 80s funk/talkbox in bits, atmospheric electronic in others – a range of styles suited to open ears.

“He’s a talented guy and – trying not to sound too cliched here – his thing is just ‘music’ not scenes. To me it’s not just ‘dance music’ – he writes songs then produces them. He’s been working his arse off and has a solid live show that’s ever improving too – I hope people will begin to take notice of him this year as I feel he really deserves it – we’ve said it before that’s he’s a bit of a secret weapon and I think this will prove it. We’ve had some unprompted mails from people I trust like Mark Bell, Hudson Mohawke, Mark Ronson, Artwork… musicians and producers seem to be really clicking on to him, that’s a big thing to get right as these people have good ears. It will be out in June / July – exact date TBC, once everything is in it’s right place.”

You can watch the Redinho clips below, and find out what the FACT Singles Club thought of ‘Stinger’ here.



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