Ever wondered what it’s like to be 2 Chainz

Us neither, actually, but as a teaser to his forthcoming second solo album, the ubiquitous rapper has launched a ‘mini-series’ of behind-the-scenes videos in which he pontificates on the nature of the rap game.

The first edition of 24 Hours To Live sees 2 Chainz “absorbing the vibes” in South Africa and reflecting on his “very lucrative” career move over the past two years. He also talks Jay-Z and dismisses Illuminati conspiracies: “That shit […] means that God has pinpointed you to be successful.”

He can’t quite make it to the end with a straight face, though – the final few seconds show a possibly inebriated blonde Norwegian thanking 2 Chainz for being her inspiration to start rapping, which she proceeds to do with finesse to equal her idol at the very least.

Earlier in the year the former Tity Boi was arrested at in Los Angeles for possession of sizzurp and weed, while one of his entourage was robbed at gunpoint just days before.

Watch the video above.



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