DJ Haus’ YouTube-based imprint prepares a vinyl release from an anonymous producer…

The latest transmission from Unknown To The Unknown is a three-track offering from Lords of Midnite, who are of course “a sect of humanoid aliens lost for generations and almost erased entirely from the history books,” as Juno Plus reports.

The Drown In Your Love EP is, quite as you’d expect, the “lost rhythms that some consider the key to existence” obtained by the US military. If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the ascendant label’s movements you may be able to paint a more accurate picture of the creator of these tunes, two of which are solid rave adventures with the third a slightly more subdued acid-ride.

Unknown To The Unknown began life as a YouTube channel before putting out hit after hit of weird club music from the likes of DJ Q, DJ Stingray and Slackk. This year has already seen releases from NY bass heads Jubilee and Star Eyes and a mixtape from label boss DJ Haus.

Listen to the Drown In Your Love EP, which is set for release on 15 July, below:



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