Soundcrash lay out plans for one of the most exciting match-ups of the year.

London’s Oval Space is set to host what promises to be one of the hugest, most FACT-friendly nights in recent memory. In one corner, we have Werk boss and purveyor of bit-crushed, spannered electronics Actress who will no doubt be supporting his recently-confirmed Ghettoville full-length, and in the other sprawling dance troupe Shangaan Electro, who promise to bring their colourful splatter of electronics and Soweto dance in a bid to brighten up the drab London Autumn.

Apparently there are other special guests that have still yet to be announced, but to be honest we reckon there’s enough here already to pique our interest and then some. Actress and Shangaan Electro together? Has someone been reading our Christmas list again?

For more information and tickets, please head here.



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