FACT favourite Lee Bannon tangles with Sampha and comes out on top.

London vocalist Sampha has been going from strength to strength recently, most obviously being spotted on Drake’s killer new single ‘The Motion‘ last month. Recent single ‘Without‘ was a clattering, lilting slice of modern funk, but with Pro Era-affiliate Lee Bannon at the helm on this new remix, it’s transformed into something almost beyond recognition.

Sampha’s vocals are the first to get obscured, before Bannon moulds the quirky rhythm into smashed, 4 Hero-worshipping jungle. Backed by the kind of grizzled synthesizers Bannon is so adept with, he allows occasional snippets of Sampha’s voice to emerge every so often, albeit in screwed and chopped form. Cracking stuff, and a very worthy follow-up to Bannon’s ear-destroying ‘NW/WB‘.

If you want to go deeper into Lee Bannon’s exemplary catalogue, you can read FACT’s Beginners Guide here, and then check his revealing interview right here.



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