Download a 37-track compilation of reinterpretations of Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop'

A must-have for fans of both Miley Cyrus and “Sludge Metal Chopped & Screwed Garageband Edits.”

For the last month, Miley Cyrus’s controversy-courting ‘We Can’t Stop’ has been dissected and debated in all corners of the Internet; even the FACT Singles Club took a turn.

Whether you think Miley’s twerk-pop anthem is appropriation or assimilation, you probably haven’t heard it like this: reworked, reinterpreted, and remixed into everything from chopped-and-screwed to sludge metal to thrash punk.

The set was assembled over social media by Kyle Mabson and features offerings by Dan Deacon, Sich Mang, and many more. Highlights include BetaRomeo’s ‘Runaway’ mash-up and Sperm Snake’s aforementioned “Sludge Metal Chopped & Screwed Garageband Edit.” Stream it below, or name-your-price and download the whole 37-track set.



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