Watch David Bowie play it straight in 'Valentine's Day' video

Following the thoroughly ridiculous ‘The Next Day’ clip, David Bowie returns with his most straight-faced video in some time. 

Markus and Idrani’s ‘Valentine’s Day’ short is a bare-bones affair, showing a solitary Bowie, neckless guitar in hand, performing in a dilapidated building. The track, meanwhile, is very much in keeping with The Next Day’s default mode – namely, chugging jam-band rock. Click below to watch.

On August 13, BAFTA winner Hamish Hamilton’s Bowie doc, David Bowie is happening now…, will be broadcast across the UK to mark the close of the V&A’s enormously successful Bowie exhibition. The singer’s The Next Day “work-flow diagram” is available to scrutinize here.



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