Did Weezy really stomp on the American flag for his new video?

Well, it appears not. Last week an onlooker posted phone footage that showed Lil Wayne walking across a crumpled Stars and Stripes while filming the promo for ‘God Bless Amerika’, the latest single from his album I Am Not A Human Being II.

Cue outrage, which Wayne responded to in a statement emphasising that the finished version would not show him actually walking on the flag. The final edit of Eif Rivera’s video proves him right, with the flag dropping behind him to reveal the denizens of the New Orleans neighbourhood.

Weezy’s been causing offence all over the shop this year, and was dropped from a marketing deal with Pepsi following his distasteful rap referencing murdered civil rights hero Emmett Till on Future’s ‘Karate Chop’.

Watch the video above, and see the flag-bashing incident from a different perspective below:



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