Basic House, rebuilt.

Opal Tapes boss Stephen Bishop has been working quietly under the Basic House moniker for only a short time, but has already notched up quite the reputation for churning out effortlessly enjoyable washy, lo-fi electronics. Brad Rose’s Digitalis imprint are responsible for his new LP, and entitled Calm in Bird Form, it’s a succinct statement of Bishop’s hazy modus operandi.

Sunshine Ltd’s Josh Mason has offered up his own take on the album’s ‘I Found You’ and ‘TV Illness’ moulding them into a cloudy collection of orchestral drones, punctuated by the faint trace of a slow 4/4 pulse. Bringing to mind fond memories of Wolfgang Voigt’s influential Gas project, this is exactly the sort of brittle, tape saturated ambience we can’t help but fall for.

Calm in Bird Form is due on August 22 via Digitalis Recordings.



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