Sad meaning good.

Anyone who’s managed to trip over Sad Boy sensation Yung Lean recently will probably know that his Swedish free associating ‘based’ rhymes aren’t the sole draw. Somehow the young rapper has managed to surround himself with a bevvy of highly talented producers, the best being Gregar.

The production moniker of one Simon Wistrand, the name Gregar has become synonymous with the kind of slovenly, pad-laced, cloud rap slow-burners that Clams Casino and Friendzone made their calling cards, but of course it’s not that simple. Being so detached from the U.S. scene has an alienating effect on the music, and just as Lean’s peculiar raps couldn’t really come from anywhere else but Sweden, there’s a similar unplaceable uniqueness to Gregor’s wooly productions.

Toothtaker is instrumental (bar a few sampled moans), so those of you who couldn’t quite handle Yung Lean’s nonchalant flow will no doubt to be happy to know they can now sign up for Sad Boys membership without having to endure. Take a listen below.



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